Hello! I’m Panos. A user interface designer focused on creating captivating digital experiences.

My super power is my ability to translate ideas into beautiful and functional interfaces for the web and mobile world. I am the type of designer that gets obsessed with pixel perfection and user experience. Throughout my 14 year career, I have worked in a variety of projects demonstrating my abilities to conceptualise, design, code, implement and collaborate with developers and clients. My focus has always been to evolve, learn and absorb the latest trends in order to drive results and ROI to every project that I’m involved.
My passion evolves around design, but I am always open to explore and learn something new on how to build and maintain sustainable projects. I understand how developers think and I am able to communicate my designs in terms they expect and understand. As a front-end developer myself, I am capable of breathing life to my designs using HTML, CSS and various other technologies (e.g. PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, ExpresionEngine, Bootstrap etc).


Every project starts by defining the problem that needs solving, the value and the end goal. From the initial idea to pixel perfect interfaces, I have specialised into making simple, clean and beautiful human interfaces.


Creating something unique and functional requires experience and expertise. Naturally placed elements in a web page or a mobile app can be more powerful than any visual style. Problem solving is an everyday exercise for me.


In order to take design to its final step, I am able to capture and translate the smallest detail for each project into functional HTML and CSS code. It gives me great pleasure to be able to deliver ready to go live products.


Sometimes I also like to blog, rant or just bookmark & share things.

Sirmione Afternoon

April 16 2018

Default apps for Siri.

May 15 2017

Doist retreat 2017

May 2 2017

My macOS must have apps revisited.

January 16 2017