Essential apps for the digital citizen

Discover apps that'll make your screens cheer and your productivity soar. Tap into my digital favorites that are seriously fun and functional!
MacBook Pro on a wooden desk showcasing the macOS dock with several app icons

In the vast digital landscape, a handful of applications have become the very keystones of how we function, both personally and professionally. Just like the 'default' programs that come pre-installed on your OS, there are user-curated tools that transcend their novelty and become indispensable.

In this curated annual roundup, I'll walk you through my perennial favorites, essential for anyone looking to streamline their day, increase efficiency, and leverage the power of technology to its fullest extent. Embracing the ethos of digital minimalism, these applications are not only high in utility but also offer a clean, intuitive, and often stylish design.


In my experience, productivity is all about accomplishing more with less. It's a philosophy I embrace in my daily workflow. Among the applications I find indispensable is Todoist, which offers multifaceted capabilities for keeping my daily tasks in check and capturing my thoughts on the go. Another essential tool is Craft, my go-to for constructing a digital second brain that remains accessible wherever I am. And let's not overlook Raycast, my time-saving sidekick for streamlining repetitive tasks. Armed with these tools, I've crafted a personalized productivity system that cuts through the noise and keeps my priorities at the forefront.

Media & Entertainment

When it comes to Media and Entertainment, my choices prioritize organization, accessibility, and a seamless user experience. For managing and enjoying my photo collection, I rely on Apple's built-in Photos app with its intuitive library categorization, advanced editing features, and cloud synchronization across devices. For video, Infuse stands out as an all-in-one media solution that connects to my Synology NAS, organizes my videos, and allows for streaming on any device. As for music streaming, while I used to be dedicated to Spotify, in 2023 I made the switch to the Apple One plan for me and my family, giving Apple Music the reins to our musical needs.


Within my collection of utility apps, there are a select few that truly stand out for their robust functionality. Arc Browser is my preferred choice when it comes to a clean and efficient web browsing experience that is tailored to my preferences, enabling me to save valuable time while surfing the internet. The unwavering security offered by 1Password is absolutely essential; it effortlessly safeguards my abundance of passwords, private documents, and sensitive information. Meanwhile, MoneyWiz has become an indispensable tool for financial tracking and budgeting, providing me with a comprehensive overview of my finances with meticulous detail and user-friendly reporting tools. These apps work in perfect harmony to support a seamless and worry-free interaction with technology, enhancing productivity and instilling a sense of tranquility.

Wrapping up

The key to a seamless digital experience lies in the clever curation of apps that not only spark joy but actually work wonders in keeping our lives organized and our minds uncluttered. Remember, these are the apps that have earned their place on my digital shelf for good reason. I'm sharing them with you not just because they're tried and true, but because they have genuinely improved my day-to-day life. So why not take a page from my digital playbook? Test them out, mix and match to find what suits you best, and watch as they transform your own digital routine. Who knows, they might just become your new favorites, too. šŸ˜Š

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