Why I don’t like folders on my iPhone.

Posted on April 26, 2012 in Thoughts

It’s in our nature to ask for what we don’t have and whine about it when we get it. I believe that’s the case here and I’m referring to how much I thought I needed the folders feature on my iPhone and now that I have them I stopped using them. Last night when I plugged my iPhone to my Mac I noticed that it has less than a gigabyte of free space! Really? I’m using 8, maybe 10 apps every day and I have zero music and videos. How can I possibly run out of space?

I’m kind of an app junkie. I admit it. Every time I see a well designed app, even if I’m not gonna use it, I have to try it. Every time an overhyped app comes out, I have to check it. And every time a game goes free for a day, I have to have it… even though I rarely play games on my iPhone! So where all these apps go? I’m deleting quite a few of them – especially if they suck – but when I think that I might use an app at some point, I through it on my neatly organized folders. Big mistake! The way iOS folders work right now makes you forget what you’ve put in them. The limit of 12 apps per folder forces me to create two or three folders for the same kind of apps (i.e. games) and quite often I end up opening and closing folders just to realize that it would be faster if I used the search. The worst part is when a crappy application is inside a folder, you rarely notice it, you never open it and it definitely eats your precious storage space!

So last night I decided to initiate operation “app extermination”. I took all the apps out of their folders (thank God for managing them with iTunes), cleared the first 3 pages and I started filling them up only with the apps I’m using most of the time. I did create a couple of folders again with the first one being for all the Apple apps that I rarely use but I can’t erase them and the second one for a small collection of games that I enjoy every now and then. I trashed about 8 messaging apps since I only use iMessage these days, more than 10 apps that collect information from Facebook and Twitter and present it in their own way, plus a bunch of games that I played only the day I downloaded them. The result was to free up about 5GB!

I heard some saying that it’s better to delete everything and start from scratch but I didn’t want to go through the process of re-entering passwords and other details on every single application. However, if I ever end up with the same problem, I’ll probably try that too. Bottom line is that folders on iOS are indeed useful but you can easily forget what you have in them, resulting in a device full of junk.

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