AcDisplay – Android notifications done right!

Posted on May 7, 2014 in Software

This is definitely the best gem I installed on my Moto G in the last few weeks. I may be using an iPhone as my daily driver, but I can’t help wishing there was something similar for my 5S. But then I remember that in order to have these kind of mods on an iPhone you need to jailbreak it etc. Meh…

AcDisplay is a new way of handling notifications in Android. It will let you know about new notifications by showing a minimal, beautiful screen, allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. And if you want to see what\’s going on, you can simply take your phone out of your pocket to view all the latest notifications, in a similarly pleasing and minimalistic manner.

So if you’re an Android user, make sure to give AcDisplay a try and  I’m sure you’ll love it. You might also wanna check this clip of the upcoming v2.0 which has some really awesome new features.