Should I get an iPhone 5?

Posted on September 18, 2012 in Thoughts

​I’m a huge Apple fan! I use most of their products and there have been times when I bought Apple stuff due to the their hype instead of my needs. Times changed though and I have to consider better where to spend my precious euros. And that’s probably the reason that gave me a different perspective on Apple’s hype system.

​I was waiting patiently for the iPhone 5 for more than a year since I never took the 4S pill. My iPhone 4 still does what I need it to do and even though it’s quite old, sometimes by adding a cover or a case I fake a new look just to give me a reason to keep it. However, now that the 5 is out… I run out of patience. Even though there is no actual upgrade reason, I’m an obsessed gadget geek and sometimes that’s all it takes in order to add something new to the gadget bag. But does the new iPhone 5 worth it?

I had my eyes on the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III ever since they announced. Both have amazing specs and really cool features. But I was holding back so I can see what will the Apple JDF (Jaw Dropping Factor) be. Unfortunately nothing made my jaw move! I don’t really care about the screen size boost. Apple says “It’s not just bigger. It’s just right.” Well to me it seems just stretched! The thinner and lighter feature is nice but adding the bigger screen next to it makes no sense, the iPhone is still stretched! Ultrafast wireless? That would be really nice for a laptop feature or if you had the freedom to do ANYTHING you want on your phone to actually take advantage of the extra speed. What definitely is an improvement is the new A6 processor. I haven’t had a close experience with the phone yet, but just by looking at the benchmarks that appeared on the internet I’m sure that the phone is indeed blazing fast. But so are its competitors and since I never play games on my iPhone, I don’t think that this is the feature to justify the upgrade. And last but not least the new camera and the Panorama photos. Really? There have been apps that do this for years and now Apple promotes it like a new feature just because it’s part of iOS. Right…
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I really like the new iPhone 5, as much as I liked the iPhone 4 that still is in my pocket. After all there isn’t much of a design change. But I just can’t find the reason to upgrade. Maybe the Samsung Galaxy S III or the HTC One X is not as good as the iPhone 5, but at least I WILL get various new features and the chance to explore and play with a new operating system.

BUT! There’s always a but…

After all these years, It turns out that Apple is not selling just a device. They have made a gadget so popular that it triggers too many variables when you consider what phone to buy. Many apps from banks, various services etc. are being released for the iOS first, with a small number being iOS ONLY! iMessage is picking up and now that it’s embedded to OS X as well, it might actually kill SMS. The fact that Apple is building the hardware as well as the software has been a huge advantage since day one and I’m not talking just for the iPhones! Being a Mac user, my biggest concern is the compatibility of any Android device with my daily work. iCloud has its quirks but it’s there and it works. There probably is a replacement for every single iOS feature. But the fact that you have to research, download, install etc. takes the simplicity out of the subject.

So… Should I get an iPhone 5?

Watching videos like the one above make me wonder. Wonder why I can’t say that most of what their saying isn’t true. Because if you take a step back and forget that you’re blinded by Apple’s amazing marketing, you’ll see that what they’re saying is actually true! At the end of the day I might end up buying an iPhone 5, but does it really worth it? I still don’t know.

    • Buying an iPhone for an Apple fan, is just like when a junkie takes his dose. So… yes. You’re gonna buy the iPhone 5 cause it’s a good phone and cause it makes you happy.

      There you go…

    • Michael

      We are not gonna see any braking through innovation for at least one more year in the mobile industry for sure (i don’t bet my neck on it though)… The product is in the cash cow position at the moment and no producer wants to touch it. Of course we will see improvements on the hardware part but nothing that will make our jaws drop. For me is the OS that gives a mobile its strength. The next thing is either holographic 3D or clear through screen or i don’t know a Stark tech!! Technologies that at the moment exist only on imaginary concepts. none can actually bring it to the masses.

      One thing that actually worths attention is google glass! But i see it as an extension of a phone rather a phone by itself..

      I don’t think that apple wants to keep back on bringing something new, the tech as it is on the moment just does not support the imaginary concepts. All those gallaxys and HTCs are really nice phones, but they will not do anything actual difference from an iPhone. Not because iPhone is the mainstream but because they are facing the same problem with apple.

      The difference in the next years is that apple (i hope) pushes those techs to come together and establish something new. And don’t forget iPhone changed the way mobile internet was known. When they know that they can bring something new that will give the profits, trust me they will do….

      As for your question, i wouldn’t go for the iPhone 5. It is nice it is fast, but 4s does the job for me pretty nice atm. It is a great upgrade for the 4. Maybe with a contract refreshment i could think about it.

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