Refresh v16 (plus freebie)

Posted on September 21, 2015 in Design, Freebies

It’s been roughly two years since I’ve updated my blog’s theme and to be honest, I’ve been itching to change it for months! This blog has always been my digital playground. A domain that I’ve always turned to for experimentation. For the past couple of years I believe I’ve learned quite a lot. The least I could do was turn all that knowledge into a decent WordPress theme and move to version 16. Yes, I do keep a record.


  • The first change that I wanted to do all along, was to move my profile to the front page. Due to the frequency of me posting new entries, the blog didn’t really have what was needed to take up index.php.
  • I’ve finally started creating case studies for my work. They do take a bit of time to make, but it’s a great way for me to showcase many aspects of my work. BlindChat for Android is my first case study and more will follow soon.
  • Bootstrap is a tool that I used extensively in the past 12 months and it felt natural to use it on my blog as well. Didn’t go for version 4 alpha just yet, so that I have a reason for another refresh in the near future.
  • Something that was missing right from the start: a recommendation/like button for posts and projects. Something to show your appreciation even if you’re not the comment type. You like something I post? Tap that heart icon!
  • The backend is still powered by WordPress – no reason to change that – but the new theme has been completely rewritten and I’d like to believe that it’s more optimised in terms of compatibility and speed.

Time cost

People tend to ask me this, so let me explain my workflow a bit: As mentioned above, I’ve been meaning to redesign my blog for some time now. Which means that in my head, I’ve been working with the general idea and the changes I wanted to make for a while. But the actual work happened in a little over a week. It took me:

  • 2 days to design the layout of each section in Sketch
  • 2 days to convert everything into HTML & CSS
  • 3 days to make it a WordPress theme and another
  • 2 to fine tune various aspects of theme

So this is a 9 day WordPress theme, without counting the time needed for the thinking process.


Almost a year has passed since I started using Sketch and every month that goes by I find less reasons to launch Photoshop. Especially since the 2015 update, Photoshop became a very heavy and resource hungry app which made Sketch a no brainer every day tool. That said, this design refresh of my blog was done completely on Sketch and you can download the .sketch file for free and play around with it. Within the .sketch file you’ll find 6 artboards containing separate mockups for each of the sections of this blog. Use it to learn or grab what ever you like for your own project.

Profilr Sketch (695 downloads)


Would anyone be interested in the HTML version of this design or maybe a customisable WordPress theme?

No responses yet. Wanna start?