Looking for the perfect laptop bag.

Posted on December 27, 2013 in Thoughts

Here I am again looking for a laptop bag. And believe me when I say, a good laptop bag is a real pain to find… especially if you’re as picky as I am! Even though there are plenty of choices, just a handful of them are worth looking. But the problem I’m facing is the outdated models that are floating all over the web. Once you Google a few keywords that describe your preference, the results will probably include some really nice bags. However, every time I think I found the right one, it’s probably a discontinued model or (even worse) it doesn’t get shipped internationally!

I was hoping to get my hands on a Booq Boa Squeeze but they seem to ignore Greece completely. Which is odd since I have already purchased two bags from them in the past. Case Logic has a couple of good ones as well, but the ones I like can only be found on eBay as used.

What am I looking for?

This time I’m going for a laptop backpack to fit my MacBook Pro Retina. Backpacks tend to be oversized, but since I’m traveling light most of the time, I am looking for a slim one, made of good quality materials, preferably water proof, with lots of compartments. Besides the size, design is also a huge decision maker and the search continues…

    • Damn! I saw a man at the Metro Railway carrying a bag like this! (and it was so beautiful!) He was Greek btw. Didn’t know you wanted a bag like this, I would ask him where did he find it (if he didnt buy it from abroad).

      Goodmorning and Merry Christmass!

    • Have you checked the Côte & Ciel brand? They have some pretty neat backpacks. http://www.coteetciel.com/en-GR/backpacks/flat-backpacks

      • To be honest I haven’t seen Côte & Ciel before. They have a beautiful website and I think that was the main reason for me to look at their products for more than 10 minutes. But once I started looking into the “details”… OMG! Even though they look nice, they are too expensive and it gives me the idea that they were made with fashion in mind instead of practicality. I mean, look at Isar Rucksack: Besides the 515€ price tag (seriously?), it looks nice but I can’t imagine myself using it (look for a few videos on YouTube and you’ll see why).

        Thanks for the suggestion though!

        • I know, they ‘re pretty expensive, mostly because of the materials that they ‘re made of. If you feel one of them once, it’s a unique experience. But I know what you mean, I wouldn’t consider buying one for myself either, I consider their prices provocative and outrageous.

    • I stumbled upon something that might get your attention. A brand that used to make mechanical keyboards, Das Keyboard, also started creating other accessories, one of which is a backpack that you might like. See here: http://www.daskeyboard.com/product/hackshield-backpack/

      • WOW! That is a nice backpack! Their website needs to have a bit more information about it, like more photos, exact dimensions etc. but I found this video that pretty much covered all my questions. However, I’m a bit concerned as to how easy it would be to take the laptop in and out of the “HackShield” compartment. You can always skip it and use the regular one, but then again why buy the bag for a feature that you’re not gonna use? On the other hand, the guy in the video has a 17″ MacBook and I have a 15″ one so I’m guessing it should be easier.

        I have to admin that I’m not that crazy about security but this bag’s features definitely hit my geek-spot. In other words, the bag just made it to my bags-to-consider list and you just made my decision… harder. Thanks!

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