Look it’s Windows 8!

Posted on November 4, 2013 in Thoughts

Our era is literally based on marketing. There is a good chance that almost anything you decide to do or buy, is based on marketing. Someone was cleaver enough to find a way and plant you a seed for the need of a product and when you reached the point to buy that product, the brand decision was somehow already made. A good example of that could be a good movie. Once a movie hero captures your complete interest, you tend to want to do things like he does. So if the hero is holding the new Nokia and pretends that he is hacking through pentagon with a single tap, you have to get that Nokia too! As if you’re gonna be a hacker just by holding that particular brand.

Movies can plant many things in your mind and the more desecrate they do it, the more it grows inside you. Long before I ever touched an Apple computer, I knew about their existence because I had already seen too many glowing apples on the back of every laptop that made it to my favourite films. Apple products have been into movies for many years now and you rarely get a glimpse of an OS X screenshot in a movie. At some point I was really curious as to why other companies don’t copy Apple’s successful movie based marketing. But I got my answer pretty soon.

First time I started noticing brands other than Apple on TV, was on the TV series 24. Even though Jack Bauer and the rest of CTU were using PowerMacs on the first couple of seasons, at some point Dell monitors and other PC brands replaced every iMac and MacBook on stage. In my opinion, that was a good copy. They just switched gear and kept everything else as is. Unfortunately there are other examples that aren’t as good. In fact they are as annoying as YouTube’s ads!


Recently I started watching Arrow, a TV series that is currently in its second season. Besides the fact that the whole script has quite a few inconsistencies, the show is kinda fun to watch. But at some point Lenovo’s monitors and screenshots of Windows 8 are just too hard to miss. They are so badly placed within the movie’s graphics, that actually make the movie seem cheap! In the episode I watched today there was a scene where someone was using a tablet (I’m guessing it was Microsoft’s Surface) in order to track the bad guy’s GPS. Even though they’ve had a very good designed GPS tracking interface, when the camera switched to the tablet’s screen, you had to see 1-2 seconds of the Windows 8 start screen with the application tiles and all. And after that go into tracking mode! I don’t know why, but that scene felt so wrong. Felt as if someone was screaming “look it’s Windows 8”. Same thing happens plenty of times in that show with various Windows Phones and  Surface tablets.

A few weeks ago I was complaining about the leaks on Apple’s future products and that it could be considered as another marketing trick. Well, I don’t like leaks and I don’t like marketing that sees me as a complete fool either!

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