Leaking marketing.

Posted on September 10, 2013 in Thoughts

Using Apple’s products for more than a decade, I can only say that I’m thrilled every time one of their keynotes is coming up or whenever they announce a new event just to introduce new products. One of the things that turned me into a true Apple fan, was the keynotes that Steve Jobs was presenting. Not only because of it’s unique keynote style, but also because of the hidden surprises he always had for us.

Most of the times people knew that there might be a new iPod, there might be a MacBook refresh and there might be a new iMac. Nothing was certain and nothing was leaked to today’s extend! For the past two years, months before every major or minor announcement, the rumour sites aren’t only speculating what’s to come. They actually know and have proof of what Apple is cooking. Photos and videos of actual future product parts are spoiled weeks before the official announcement.

I understand that due to the popularity of Apple’s jewels, product spoilers are part of the game but it’s starting to look like it doesn’t need that much effort to get a glimpse of what’s to come. Ever since iPhone 4S, I’m beginning to lose that hyped emotion before every keynote. I see blogs inviting their readers for a live coverage of the event and I wonder: Why? Didn’t you show us actual pictures of the new iPhone 5S? Didn’t we watch you a few days ago demonstrating the new iPhone 5C on video?

Like I said, I love Apple’s products and I don’t see any reason to stop using them. It’s just that every time something new is due to come out, it feels like I’m going to a movie premiere to watch it for the second time!

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