iPhone 5 doesn’t need a bigger screen!

Posted on May 6, 2012 in Thoughts

Before the iPhone started to reshape the whole cell phone industry, there were a couple of standards that even though they weren’t written in any manual most of us – consumers – were basing our choices. I am referring to the design and the size! Two major points that still define the success of any device. However, after looking at most of the smartphones that pop every year, I’m starting to worry because it looks like big companies are going out of style!

There was a time that people were going after anything categorized as small. People were so fond of small-sized cell phones, they often forgot about the lack of other useful features. Then smartphones came along and their size started to vary. Some had touch screens and styluses, others had huge wide screens and a list of overkill features.

When the iPhone era started almost instantly all cell phones were being compared to it. I’m guessing this comparison was one of the many reasons most of the devices that followed were sized pretty much the same as the iPhone. Personally when I first saw the iPhone it gave me the impression of a big cell phone. I’m guessing that I was under the influence of the pre-iPhone era where anything small was trendy. After using it for only a week though, its size started making sense.

Now that the Android competition started heating up and devices like the Galaxy Nexus or the HTC One X became really popular, I ask myself where is that need for a proper sized handset? I’ve had both devices in my hands and most of their features are mind-blowing. But I can’t help it feeling like I’m holding a high-tech brick in my hands. I enjoy their huge screens with the unbelievable colors, but I can’t picture myself going to a bar and leaving my cell phone next to my drink. Three or four cell phones that size can take up the whole table. As for the Galaxy Note… Oh my God! I don’t even bother looking at the features!

So where am I getting with all that?

We – the iPhone users – are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 5 to be announced and one of the most rumored feature that it will probably have is a larger screen. I’ve seen many 3D mockups of what the device might look like and there are a few ways in making its screen bigger without pumping the whole phone. I have no idea what Apple is planning but I am really hoping they keep its size the same. As good as it might seem that a bigger screen will be better, it won’t! There is a reason the iPhone is in the “cell phone” category and the iPad in the “tablet” one. There is no need for an in between device. Not for me at least.

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