Independent of online services.

Posted on April 1, 2013 in Thoughts

Even thought I’m embracing everything new in the world of Internet with joy and excitement, there are times that I wish to do things the old fashion way. And by old fashion I mean when everyone was master of its own data and the only clouds we knew were the ones in the sky. Nowadays the cloud has a new meaning and every bit of information is stored somewhere without the user actually knowing where physically that is, or what is the life span of the service that he is relying on.

A few days ago Google announced that they’ll be killing Google Reader and although I was really sad about that decision, I kinda knew that it’ll happen… eventually. The thing is that I have similar feelings for other online services and as much as I enjoy their benefits, I always wish that I had complete control of my information by running any service at my own server (i.e. photos, music, blog, feeds etc). I have the knowledge to setup my own gallery or my private Dropbox alike, but most of the times an iPhone app or a link between a number of services will pull me away from the fuss of setting anything up. But a sudden service shutdown or a merger that changes everything, is what rolls me back into my private corner thinking how should I do things from now on.

The questions are always the same: Should I use service X to do Z? Will it last? How long? Will I be able to switch somewhere else? Is my data secure? No one actually knows! We just hope that our favourite services will continue to work the way we want them to. I think that’s something I’ll be changing in 2013. Going independent of any online service for all my needs just made it to my todo list.

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