Impressed by the Lumia.

Posted on April 25, 2012 in Gadgets

Using an iPhone for the past couple of years took away my need for a new cell phone change every few months. Quite often new apps act as new phone features keeping me busy from checking what else is out there. Besides that, it’s the whole Apple ecosystem that makes it what it is and not the hardware features. However, you can’t ignore something that is really good even if it doesn’t have a huge app store behind it or if it’s not trendy!

​After playing for a while with the new Nokia Lumia, I have to admit that my ancient spark for Nokia’s products kinda triggered. Amazing design, brilliant screen, feels really good in my hands and Windows actually were not that bad. The app store experience was fairly good considering that it wasn’t filled with crap apps (yet).

Will I be switching to a Windows Phone? Maybe not at the moment. At least not until I see what are Apple’s plans for the iPhone 5. If do though, the Lumia will definitely be among my top 3 choices.

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