Doist retreat 2017

Posted on May 2, 2017 in Εxperiences

With remote working becoming mainstream, company retreats have also become a great way for teams to get to know each other and have fun. After long planning and anticipation, Doist had its third company retreat, in a city that a few years ago used to be called home: Athens. Our team has grown significantly and Greece seemed to be the perfect backdrop for a group gathering. Thousands of years of history and culture alongside the continuous sunshine made Greece one of the best destinations for a team bonding activity.

Working remotely and asynchronously can often create weird situations where you might feel alone and disconnected. Especially in an environment of 50+ team members in 20 different time zones, you don’t always have the chance to interact with everyone. We use Twist for all our communication and it works amazingly well. But getting to know people in real life, understanding their humour or noticing their expressions, was definitely a turning point for me.

I’d say that it’s quite common for a team of people working towards the same goal to be professional and get along. One thing that wasn’t expected at all, the instant connection that everyone on the team had. It took us less than a couple of hours to connect the “avatar” everyone was known for with their actual face and after that, it felt like everyone knew each other for years.


If there was one thing that we failed miserably during the retreat, was getting a descent amount of rest! But I doubt that anyone would call that a failure. Our daily list had many things to do, ranging from talks and workshops to cruises and fancy restaurants. Every day was unique and every night was probably more than one could have asked for!

Being a tourist in your own country was surely something that I hadn’t experienced before. Probably because my knowledge of Greek history is limited to what was taught in school. Visiting the museums and other archaeological sites like the Acropolis and Delphi with a tour guide, has made me appreciate even more the rich heritage that modern Greeks carry on their shoulders. Eating Greek food at taverns and shopping at the local markets weren’t that new to me, but felt very proud every time my colleagues enjoyed another bite of our Greek culture.

Like with all good things, after seven amazing days with lots of fun, food, walking and exploring… the third retreat of Doist – first for me – was over. Hugs were exchanged and the anticipation for the next time we’re all going to be together again was drawn in everyone’s face. What an amazing experience!

Huge thanks to Amir and Catalina for making this a reality and thanks to everyone for being open, caring, fun and crazy. See you all in the next one!

PS : Dancing Syrtaki at the Zeus Temple at 4am was definitely the most epic highlight of the tour.

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