DIY ideas for 2014.

Posted on December 29, 2013 in Thoughts

I’m a sucker for all sorts of DIY crafts and I admire people that come up with clever uses of various stuff. Therefore my daily Internet consumption contains sites filled with DIY ideas that I’d like to mimic at some point. So here are some of the best ideas I’ve found on the web and I’m planning on doing in the upcoming year.

Drawer Charging Station – I don’t think that I’ll be doing this in my kitchen, but there is plenty of space in my office. Definitely an amazing idea to hide the cable clutter from all the gadgets floating around and keep Stamatina (1 year old daughter) from pulling some of the cables I couldn’t hide.

Platform Deck – Ok, this is a tough one! It requires a lot of time and a hefty budget to buy the kind of wood that will make it through the winter. But I have a large space in my front yard that fits so perfectly in this photo. Don’t know if I’ll be able to do this – this year – but it has been in my plans for almost 2 years now!

Outdoor Planter – This is one of the easy ones. I’m guessing April will be the month for this, since that’s when my gardening ventures begin. I’m not really sure if I’ll keep the natural color of these blocks though. Maybe it will look better with a bit of colour…

Sink Cupboard – Not really a DIY thing, but it looks SO damn nice! Our kitchen is 7 years old now and my wife has already began imagining how the next one will be. If I had to choose one thing that should be in our new kitchen, that will definitely be it.

Color Block Candles – Not only I love the idea but this is something that my oldest daughter will love doing too. I can only imagine once we make these and decorate them, she will start showing them off to every guest feeling proud of her accomplishment.

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