Cheap can sometimes be quite expensive.

Posted on August 7, 2012 in Thoughts

Whether you’re wealthy or not, I think it’s in our nature to look out for offers or other ways to do our job cheaper. I believe it has something to do with the emotional reward that you actually did your job without paying what the majority payed. Especially if you live in a country that goes through economy crisis (cough). However, I noticed that there are times when the compromise in quality backfires and you end up paying a lot more than you thought you saved.

My most recent example is when I bought my iPad. I didn’t want to get a bulky case but I did want some kind of protection. After searching for hours (or was it days?) for the perfect case I decided that an Apple Smart Cover along with a back cover would be the ideal combo for my needs. Apple’s Smart Cover though costs about 50€ and I found a non Apple one on eBay with only 10€. Back covers vary from 20€ to 40€ and I got one for 30€. So with 40€ I got both front and back covers, but my happiness didn’t last long.

Apparently there is a reason Apple’s Smart Cover alone costs 50€ and that reason is called quality. The one I got had a weak magnet causing my iPad to power on while I was carrying it in my bag and in less than a month, threads started to come out from all sides. Sadly after 2 months of not so heavy usage the magnet that grips on the iPad came off completely!

Even though I was aware of what I was buying I didn’t think that it will last only two months. So apparently I don’t think I’ll do the same mistake again. eBay offers tempting prices on various products but think again before making that compromise. As for my iPad, I got Apple’s new iPad Smart Case which I’m using for the past two months with zero quality complains!

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