The perfect Apple keyboard replacement.

Posted on January 2, 2014 in Review

I rarely have usability issues with Apple’s products. In fact the only issue I’ve had so far was with the Magic Mouse. Never liked it, never used it! As for the keyboard, I didn’t like the removal of the numeric keypad, but over time I got used to it and it doesn’t bother me any more. However, as much as I like Apple’s keyboard, there are certain things that I wish it could do and it doesn’t. Thankfully Logitech tends to listen to my wishes for many years now and once again I choose their products and I’m more than happy about it.

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DIY ideas for 2014.

Posted on December 29, 2013 in Thoughts

I’m a sucker for all sorts of DIY crafts and I admire people that come up with clever uses of various stuff. Therefore my daily Internet consumption contains sites filled with DIY ideas that I’d like to mimic at some point. So here are some of the best ideas I’ve found on the web and I’m planning on doing in the upcoming year.

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Looking for the perfect laptop bag.

Posted on December 27, 2013 in Thoughts

Here I am again looking for a laptop bag. And believe me when I say, a good laptop bag is a real pain to find… especially if you’re as picky as I am! Even though there are plenty of choices, just a handful of them are worth looking. But the problem I’m facing is the outdated models that are floating all over the web. Once you Google a few keywords that describe your preference, the results will probably include some really nice bags. However, every time I think I found the right one, it’s probably a discontinued model or (even worse) it doesn’t get shipped internationally!

Give your success time to cook.

James Clear

Interactive British Airways Billboard.

Posted on December 1, 2013 in Marketing

Pretty impressive if you consider that the billboard actually knows if that is a British Airways plane or not and the flight number displayed is the actual one!

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

Posted on November 9, 2013 in Gaming

So, it happened. The day I forgot when I started playing World of Warcraft has come. It was definitely before any expansion came out and the level cap was set to 60. And after all these years I’m still eager to get my hands on the latest newly announced expansion: Warlords of Draenor. New dungeons, new bosses, new battlegrounds, the level cap is set to 100 and the trailer… is amazing!