7 Jun, 2023 · Freebies

As someone who spends a lot of time on my computer, having a wallpaper that I truly enjoy is pretty important. It's been a whole year since I last created one that I really loved and even though it still looks great, I'm getting the itch to change things up a bit. I tend to shuffle things around pretty often, so having a wallpaper that can keep up with my latest obsessions is key. Plus, there's something so satisfying about creating something new and seeing it on my screen every day. Time to break out the design tools and start getting creative!

29 May, 2023 · Productivity

Working in an office environment wasn't much of an option for me. I grew my career as a Product Designer while living on a fairly remote Greek island, Rhodes and the concept of startups wasn't as trendy back then as it is nowadays. Generally speaking, there were few to no big companies that would need an in-house designer. So the internet became my number one tool and remote work my unintentional norm.

28 Sep, 2022 · Freebies

A couple of weeks have passed since I installed iOS 16 on my phone, and like many people are saying, the most note-worthy part of this release is the new lock screen. I love the customisation options it offers and the depth effect that can be added to any photo so effortlessly! Apple always kills it with their wallpapers, and the new Astronomy one is no different! The sleek animation between the lock and home screens is amazing, and the active dot on Earth that indicates your current location is a brilliant detail. But I'm never fully satisfied with the default offerings of any operating system, regardless of how good they are. 🤷‍♂️

6 Jun, 2022 · Productivity

In today's world, it seems like everyone is always busy. We are all constantly juggling tasks and trying to fit more into our day. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to getting organized and becoming more productive. Thankfully there are plenty of to-do list apps that can help you take control of your life and get organized like never before.

19 Apr, 2022 · Freebies

Every time Apple releases a new OS update, I immediately switch to one of their new wallpapers. I'm not sure if it's the popularity of the wallpaper or just me getting bored of it, but it doesn't take me long to seek out something new. This is probably the reason why over the years I have built a large collection of wallpapers that I rotate on my MacBook's desktop every few weeks.