Darknetic Wallpaper

19 Apr, 2022 · Freebies

Every time Apple releases a new OS update, I immediately switch to one of their new wallpapers. I'm not sure if it's the popularity of the wallpaper or just me getting bored of it, but it doesn't take me long to seek out something new. This is probably the reason why over the years I have built a large collection of wallpapers that I rotate on my MacBook's desktop every few weeks.

Given how much I love customizing my desktop and my mobile devices, I decided to let my creativity dress up my devices in a way that matches both my taste and my office. Inspired but the dark colors of my current desk setup, in combination with the accent colors produced by a couple of light strips, I created this minimal wallpaper that I like to call: Darknetic.

Darknetic is a minimal dark-toned wallpaper with subtle gradient colors that blend at the bottom to create really nice and calming color combinations, which are great for working or studying. It was designed to create a sophisticated and elegant look for your desktop or mobile device that sits in the background and compliments any app that has your focus.

How to change your wallpaper

Desktop and mobile devices nowadays have a ton of different resolutions, but they all allow you to scale the wallpaper of your choice to your desired aspect. Below you'll find download links of Darknetic in high resolution, suitable for every device.

And if you're new to customizing the look and feel of your devices, here are some useful links on how to change your wallpaper on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy using Darknetic as your new wallpaper! 😊

DownloadAvailable for mobile, tablet and desktop devices4 files - 15.9 MB
Panos Tsamoudakis
I'm a Digital Product Designer by day, and a Creator at heart. I've been building websites, mobile apps and web-based B2B platforms for more than 20 years now. I love to travel, play games and geek out on tech-related stuff in my spare time. I'm not much of a public speaker, but I love writing helpful posts and sharing creative freebies with the world.


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