Project Challenges: CSS3, development, Responsive, ui / ux, web design

Anstrex is a native ad intelligence tool that collects information across the web and provides statistical analytics to the advertisers. My objective was to create a responsive user interface for their SaaS offering and enable users to navigate efficiently while realising all relevant information for each ad. In addition to that, I was also tasked to create a separate responsive one-page design that would highlight features and benefits of the SaaS.



The UI of the SaaS was implemented using the Bootstrap framework along with a CSS schema to create a unified style guide. All statistical graphs were implemented using Google’s API. Starting with sketches, my intention was to maximise the amount of information the user could see. Using a masonry layout, I was able to fit the maximum number of cards on any resolution used and all additional information were stored just a click away in a right sliding drawer powered purely by CSS.